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body centered mentoring

The challenges that arise when you go for what you want in life offer great opportunities...

I want you to squeeze every bit of transformational potential out of the process of making your vision manifest. Whether that is as a practitioner, doula, teacher, gardener, parent, artist or plumber.


I know that every step you take towards creating the life you want can present challenges such as self-doubt, undervaluing yourself, unsustainable ideas and old negative beliefs rearing their ugly head! 


With support and encouragement, you can meet those challenges and create new pathways in your brain, body, business and life.

What happens when you move toward a meaningful vision?

My version of mentoring is not a typical type of process. I don't talk about strategies, methods or processes.


I know that you know what you want and what your next steps are. The problem is deep seeded beliefs and doubts that arise when you dare to dream, plan or take steps towards a goal.


Once again these things are in the body. When we go to the source of your hindrances (body memory), and pay attention to the dormant needs, then you can know what to do next (body wisdom). You really do know what you want, what you need and what to do next. When to say yes and when to say no.


Everything is within you.


Body Centered Mentoring uses Body Centered Therapy to enable you to access exactly what you need from inside of yourself.


"When Anna speaks, you stop and listen. There is a groundedness and a wisdom in both her words and in her voice. The level of trust and safety that this brings has allowed my body's deep intuitive processes to function unhindered by the usual defence mechanisms and mental chatter that has kept me from healing and learning in the past." Marc S.

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