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body centered birth preparation

Birth is instinctive, your mind does not know how to birth your baby, your body knows how to birth your baby. The best birth preparation is learning how to trust your instincts and surrender to your body.

During pregnancy and labour, a woman's body, mind and psyche opens to enable the mother to prepare herself for motherhood and allow for the profound passage of the baby.


Past tensions, memories and traumas held in the body can be activated during pregnancy and birth as the body experiences this natural opening. These old body memories can contribute to fear of birth, or they can contribute to a powerful healing process. BCT is a method of learning how to work with the intensity of this experience, to work in partnership with the incredible instinctive process and to harness the power, wisdom and healing that I believe birth is designed to provide.


During BCT sessions, you learn to use your breath and awareness to allow your body to open. You learn to remain present, to ride the intensity, relax and go deeply within yourself. You learn to trust your body’s instinct and innate wisdom. These skills assist you to surrender to the individual pattern and rhythm of your baby's birth.

Specific benefits of BCT for pregnancy and birth preparation


  • supports your body-mind connection

  • connects you with your body’s instinctive wisdom – a profound and essential element of birth

  • gives an opportunity to practice opening up to intense body sensations

  • releases/integrates emotions stored in the body that can surface in pregnancy and impact the progress of labour

  • release stored drugs (e.g. anaesthetics) from previous birth experiences

  • release and integrate your own birth trauma/imprint

  • resolve/release past birth trauma

  • reduce fear of birth

  • increase trust in your body and your intuition

  • gain insights, understanding and compassion for yourself

  • feel confident and inspired about the upcoming birth of your baby.


“There was a point in my birth process with my second baby (who was born at home in our bath after a previous caesarean) that I found my experience to be amazingly similar to a BCT session from earlier in my pregnancy. The session had been about holding on and letting go. 

As I worked towards birthing my baby, the realisation came to me: I can do this! It's just like a BCT session - the ultimate BCT session! It was a moment of transformation. Instead of feeling alone and afraid in the sensations; I felt held, powerful and incredibly energised.”  Kiersten Q.


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