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I used to feel divided between worlds, my ambitious corporate side and my emotional, spiritual, healing side. I used to feel extreme in things, black and white, all or nothing. Now I feel like a bridge where I have found my balance. That balance is the challenging and often uncomfortable work of self-love, acceptance and forgiveness of my own humanity.

I have had a number of lives in my one life. I have studied visual arts at university in Perth, lived in an ashram in India, worked in the corporate world with companies such as IBM in Sydney, got on board the new technology with working in e-commerce in the late 90's.  I have been a seeker.


In 2001 I gave birth to my first children, twin boys. The birth of my babies sparked a passion for everything birth. That same year I started doula training where I felt for the first time I could bring all of my passions, interests and skills together.


I was making a difference in people's lives at one of the most profound junctions there is. I loved pregnancy and birth as a rite of passage and found it to be a peak opportunity for healing and transformation.


I built on my skills with learning bodywork, group dynamics, teaching and counselling. I bring all of my skills to working with all of my clients. Each challenge is a profound opportunity for healing and transformation!


“Things immediately changed after our session, I felt this massive weight lifted from my heart, and my interaction and connection with my partner shifted immensely, I was able to share how I felt without fear...” B.W.

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