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emotional freedom technique

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional healing technique, which is based on a revolutionary discovery that goes against most of the beliefs of conventional psychology. It contends that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.


Essentially, EFT is a form of “psychological acupressure” – except that we don’t use needles. The approach relieves symptoms by tapping on various body locations connected to the energy meridians described in acupuncture. This tapping balances the physiological systems that become disrupted when we think about or experience an emotionally disturbing circumstance. Once balanced, the upset is usually resolved – the memory stays but the emotional charge is gone. Typically the result is lasting and is also accompanied by positive changes in thinking. The technique is easy to learn and ideal for self-help.


EFT has been successfully applied to treat a wide range of emotional problems and issues, including:

  • Anxiety, fears and phobias

  • Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Grief / anger / guilt

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Repetitive negative thoughts / reoccurring memories / obsessive thinking

  • Limiting behaviours such as overeating, smoking, addictions

  • Physical symptoms/pain and ailments



Benefits of EFT

  • Directly target specific issues and impediments to goals

  • Fast uncovering of the source of your issues, accessing answers to long-held questions like; "why do I feel this way when it doesn't' make sense?" or "why can't I change?", or "why do I keep smoking when I know it's no good for me?" etc. 

  • Accessible to anyone including people who are:

    • Overwhelmed

    • Have difficulty discussing their issues

    • Sceptical of therapy

    • Feel frozen/Disconnected from their feelings/body

  • The process itself makes you feel safe while working with deep issues/non-confronting


"I have found that incorporating my BCT skills with EFT has enabled substantial transformation to occur very quickly for my clients." Anna



EFT sessions also available via SKYPE!


What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Some excellent results are being reported in research studies being conducted worldwide on . A study at Curtin University in Western Australia by psychologists Steve Wells, Kathy Polglase, Henry Andrews, Patricia Carrington, and Harvey Baker found EFT to be successful in treating specific phobias and the results were superior to a more traditional treatment. Behavioural shifts achieved in the 30-minute treatment sessions were maintained at follow-up 6-9 months later. This study was published in the prestigious peer review journal Journal of Clinical Psychology, September 2003 edition. If you want to read more about this research click here.

Researchers in the USA are mapping the physiological effects of the approach and finding that major changes in functioning can occur when people tap on the meridian points. Most people start to relax almost immediately, and report that their traumatic experiences are less bothersome after EFT treatment.


“I was looking to address a long standing relationship issue during a session with Anna. I found using EFT was an experience of fast tracking. As thoughts and insights arose, I was able to feel the emotion fully. However, I did not feel to dwell on the emotions as they seemed to pass through quite quickly. Without conscious effort, I have noticed that dynamics in an important relationship have changed after 'clearing out' an old pattern.  

Anna's extraordinary ability to be heartfully present, combined with EFT makes for a very worthwhile experience.” Amanda

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