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body centered counselling

Talking is the starting point for connecting mind and body.

There is an enormous benefit in talking to an unbiased person about anything really. That unbiased, non-judgemental ear enables you to listen to yourself and to hear yourself through the presence of the other.


What I have found in over 15 years of working with people, is that everyone feels anxious and everyone blames themselves mercilessly for feeling any type of pain. This self-blame is deeply negating and minimising of their very own experiences in life. It is a survival mechanism - an effort to diminish discomfort, but unfortunately, it has just the opposite effect. So the unbiased, non-judgemental and validating experience of counselling is profound in and of itself.


Some of the most powerful things you can talk about are the details, the small interactions, that little thing that drives you mad and makes you lose your temper, to a seemingly totally unreasonable degree. Those details hold access to your deepest patterning, imprints and belief systems.


When we talk about those details, we can connect to the source of the pattern in your body and then resolve the source with Body Centred Therapy.


"Anna your deep respect and understanding of pain and trauma has had a profound impact on me. You have taught me not to run from what scares me, but to sit with it, gently and softly waiting and allowing for it's teaching to unfold. You have taught me that pain is a great teacher and that there is nothing more powerful than allowing what is to be expressed and witnessed. Being with what is without trying to change it is the most unique and impacting teaching I have received from you." Melanie K.

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