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body centered therapy

What is Body Centered Therapy?

Body Centred Therapy (BCT) is a profound life changing modality that addresses deeply entrenched issues as well as current life challenges. BCT approaches issues from the perspective of the body and mind. The mind tends to go around in circles and attempts to fix or get rid of problems; the body however, has a completely different framework.


Every problem or difficulty resides in both the body and the mind. Anxiety, for instance, is an awful feeling that something bad is about to happen. In the mind, there is self-blame, a sense that there is something wrong with me and I should not be feeling this way.


From the body perspective, there are physical sensations that go with anxiety, for example; tightness in the chest, constricted feelings in the heart and throat. The body knows that there is good reason for these sensations. Usually, the anxiety has been there for a very long time. It may seem like it is about what is happening in the present, but actually it often has roots in the past, such as childhood or a family dynamic. The mind wants to get rid of it but the body wants to pay attention to it.


By sinking into the body and acknowledging the sensations we can unlock information that the mind did not have previous access to. It helps to make sense of everything in a new way allowing for compassion, understanding and solutions to naturally arise.


The fundamentals of BCT are:

  • There is nothing wrong with you. It is not possible to have a wrong sensation in the body.

  • Physical sensations are the language or your body and your subconscious.

  • There is incredible wisdom, clarity, and the instinct for finding solutions to our life challenges within all of us.

  • The access to this wisdom is via the sensations we feel in the body.  


Using BCT instead of trying to fix or get rid of a problem, you can accept reclaim more of yourself, and what really makes us feel happy is a deep sense of connection with ourselves and therefore with others, nature and the world.

What can I expect from a treatment?​

BCT sessions begin with talking about your current situation, the reasons you came for a session etc. The rest of the treatment is conducted on a massage table.


Gentle touch provides a felt sense of safety and opens the energy/communication channels in the body. This touch is listening for where the body is open, and where the body has some information to explore, release or reveal.


I am listening through my hands and my body with an attitude of complete acceptance. There is no rush, it is at the body's pace and the body's pace is usually slow. The person receiving the session listens at the same time; it is like a body meditation. They listen by noticing the sensations they are feeling. We may be silent or we may be talking about what we are both experiencing.

The sensations are like a portal that connects you to an amazing richness of your own personal material, wisdom, clarity, understanding and often neglected trauma. When there is some stored material that is ready to heal, it can reveal itself through sensations, emotions, visions and insights. Neither of us knows what it will lead you to. It is like tapping into an untapped well of information that you somehow already knew. There is a dormant need that can finally be met which leads to a natural resolution.


Each session is unique, leaving you feeling deeply connected with yourself, relaxed and with deeper understanding, self-acceptance and compassion.

How can BCT help me?

You may have tried all sorts of methods and strategies without lasting change. BCT is not a strategy as true change (healing) can not come from the use of willpower. It is a profound method of understanding yourself, of finding value and meaning in all of your experiences.


New solutions to old problems are a natural outcome.


BCT can address the following and more:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • relationship problems

  • stress

  • compulsive behaviours and habits

  • fears and phobias

  • motivation

  • physical/chronic pain


"I have been receiving BCT from Anna for nearly three years, since the birth of my first child. Anna's work uncovers, supports and heals imprints held deeply in the body. I often go into a session thinking that a surface concern will be addressed only to be amazed that Anna has been able to, with skill and gentleness, connect with it's deeper source. I experience feelings of deep relief and gratitude following my sessions with ann and have often exclaimed "you've saved my life". Felicity.

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