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Body Centered Therapy / Emotional Freedom Technique / Mentoring
"Wisdom, love and solutions for 
change come
from the body"

You know those awful feelings that just won't go away no matter how hard you try? That anxiety, that painful dynamic in your relationship, that self-doubt, that sense of wrongness?


You try to work it out, you have looked everywhere for a reason, you feel there is something wrong with you for still feeling this way. 


You try to be positive, push it away, go to the gym, do some yoga, have a drink, break up, change jobs, move house, buy a new car and yet... here it is again!


Well, that thing, that challenge, that problem, that pain is not in your mind, it is not something wrong, it is not some punishment. That pain is un-attended to information held in your body.


Your mind can't work it out because it does not know how to, but your body has been waiting and waiting for you to stop and listen so that it can organically complete a process; feel grief, anger or fear, be seen, understand something, realise it is not your fault, be loved.


It is precisely the uncomfortable, most unbaerable feelings and sensations in the body that are your unique portal to integration, understanding, compassion and true self love. Change is then simply an organic bi product.


"I cannot be any more grateful and thankful for Anna. She has been a significant part of my 'recovery' and I could not be doing it without her help. 


I am feeling great relief for being able to access and continue my therapy sessions online with her, during the Covid 19 Quarantine. I am finding it comforting that I can get the ongoing assistance I need and want at this time. Anna understands my issues and is helping me work through them. I can see myself improving and being able to transition to online therapy has been invaluable. I feel fully supported on my journey.


Anna is always welcoming, supportive, compassionate, understanding and has my best interests at heart. She has always given 100% of her time and attention. I thank her for her patience with me in my fears and insecurities of change. I value our weekly sessions and calming voice. I look forward to continuing my journey online." Lynne

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